AFC West memories of Randy Moss

Some quick thoughts on the retirement of star receiver Randy Moss at the age of 34:

The valley of Moss’ career (other than his time with the Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans) last season were the two years spent in Oakland, spanning 2005-06. Moss’ production dropped after the Oakland Raiders sent a huge package to Minnesota for Moss.

He started his Oakland career off well, but his production dipped and he was often accused of dogging it in Oakland. The Raiders grew frustrated and traded him to the New England Patriots for a song in 2007.

The Moss Oakland-dogging-it accusations resurfaced instantly in 2007 because he became the pre-Oakland Moss as soon as he went to the Patriots. I covered Moss from 2000-04 as a Vikings’ beat writer and he was often accused of being lazy or not giving it his all. So, the Oakland accusations probably had some merit.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of talk this offseason that a team like the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Diego Chargers could pursue Moss. Neither team made a move nor, apparently, did many teams around the league. I wouldn’t be surprised if Moss decides to play again if there is an offer out there. I wouldn’t think it would come from an AFC West team unless a contender has a major injury at receiver.

In the end, Moss will go down as one of the most dynamic receivers ever to play the game and one of the most entertaining, yet challenging interview subjects I’ve ever dealt with.

Enjoy retirement, Super Freak.


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