World Watches Charlie Sheen Live Webcast on UStream (Video Feed)

World Watches Charlie Sheen Live Webcast on UStream (Video Feed)
Entertainment News:World Watches Charlie Sheen Live Webcast on UStream (Video Feed):We are now featuring the Charlie Sheen live UStream webcast live on Right Celebrity which was scheduled for 10pm EST but started early. The video feed of Sheen’s Korner is the second installment after a terrible debut as a vlogger yesterday. As you can see Sheen looks like he’s been on a bender with an angry rant and veins bulging out of his neck. Who knows what else in hail he will say or do tonight but there is no doubt it will be very entertaining.
In a sick, sick way of course. Sheen has gone so overboard in his downward spiral that the world is hanging on every new statement and bizarre new episode in the life of our former Two and a Half Men star. Why no real concern for his health?
Probably because he is a man and an ass of a man to boot. His fall from superstar to gutter dweller has in many ways paralleled Lindsay Lohan’s fall from stardom, except he accomplished in one week what it took her five years to throw away. Regardless the public sympathizes with Lohan in a sense. They relish any star’s fall, but with Lindsay we at least mouth the words that we hope she gets the help that she needs.
Not so with Charlie Sheen. We seem to be both mesmerized by his gutter dwelling and still hoping for more. I have not heard from anyone who is sympathetic, wants him to get help, or hopes the best for him. He is a guy and he is an ass, plain and simple. Not that our feelings are right. They just are for better or worse.
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