'The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25 Premiere Recap (News)

'The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25 Premiere Recap (News)
Entertainment News: ['The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25, Episode 1]'The Real World' has chosen to mark its 25th season in the sinningest of cities -- Las Vegas.
Nearly a decade after the first go-round in Sin City, though, the latest 'Real World' installment doesn't really seem all that scandalous.
Sure, the cast is young, tan, beautiful, reality-TV savvy and, most of all, drunk. But in a post-'Jersey Shore' world, is that enough anymore?
The cast is predictably diverse, chock full of small-town girls, country bumpkins and street-smart PYTs. Honestly, this first episode seems specifically designed to air clips of the castmates making bold statements like "I will not go to a strip club" and " I don't want to hook up with my roommates" simply to foreshadow the fact that those things will inevitably happen at some point during the season.

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