Number 4(Hermes Birkin-Fabulous) of the List

Number 4(Hermes Birkin-Fabulous) of the List
Entertainment News:Number 4(Hermes Birkin-Fabulous) of the List:So it is very popular in the Sex and the City "(remember, Samantha is going crazy to buy 1) bag of ladies that love to be bold and on top of fashion trends, it is the voice of Hermes in every fashion cocky / elegant look.

This is a star among the bags starts, Rolls Royce purses, extortion pocket, nerves and patience of those who crave it. In the market there are more than 8000 models in colors like green, orange, purple, black or white, made from leather or another crocodile skin with gold or diamonds locket.

Birkin is a list of 50 things you should buy before you die, this is the ultimate IT and promises to stay on top for a very long time.
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