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Hollywood Superstars
*Hollywood film industry is biggest and dominating industry of the world showbiz. This industry has introduces superstars in modeling, play acting, singing and especially in film acting. In this post I will discuss top ranked Hollywood actresses that are superstars of Hollywood film industry. The superstars I am going to discuss here stand in the list of top ten Hollywood heroines.

1:Angelina Jolie
From best and top ranked superstars of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie is one who always gave outstanding performance in Hollywood movies. Best Hollywood movies are on her record. She born in June 4, 1975 in Los Angelus. You can better understand the outstanding that outstanding performer by this information. She has won one Oscar award, 23 other awards and also nominates for awards 54 times. She is one of top ranked and top ten actresses of Hollywood. Early career of her acting was 1993-1997. Her breakthrough was from film industry for 1997-2000. But she got international success in film industry for 2000-present. She has done work in romantic, horror and comedy movies of Hollywood.

2:Kate Winslet
She is an English actress and also sings occasionally. This beautiful and young super star is asset of Hollywood film industry. Her career success starts with the success of Titanic movie that was based on true story of a ship sank in the ocean. She born in October 5, 1975. She has won multiple awards for her outstanding performance in Hollywood movies and many times nominated for several awards. She started her career from television play that was a science fiction for children. Best Hollywood movies are on her record in which some include Dark Season, Get Back, Heavenly Creatures, Titanic, Hamlet, Quills, Little Children and many others.
3: Jennifer Lopez
She is also one of best Hollywood actresses and is multitalented superstar who has won many awards of different categories. She is also one of sexiest models of Hollywood. She born in July 24, 1969 in New York. She has worked as actress, dancer, singer, producer and designer that’s why she is recognized as multitalented celebrity of Hollywood film industry. Films like My Little Girl, Money Train, Jack, Blood and Wine, My Family, Nurse on the Line, Out of Sight, The Cell and Angel Eyes are best films on her record.


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